Tha Phae Gate


THA PHAE GATE is one of the most famous landmarks in Chiang Mai. Located on the eastern side of the wall, it is one of the gates to enter the Old City. The other gates are Chang Phuak Gate, Chiang Mai Gate, Suan Dok Gate, and Saen Pung Gate.

Today, after more than 700 years of growth and expansion, the physical, historical and cultural uniqueness of the city is still in evidence: the moats, walls, gates, the 40 ancient temples within the city walls, and hundreds more outside, together with the marketplaces, and the different communities of diverse ethnic groups and cultures.

Over the different historical periods and in modern time, the wall, adjacent moat, and several large gates have been rebuilt and renovated in parts with modern bricks.

The ancient sites, monuments, and Buddhist temples have been restored and refurbished so that they would function as a living heritage that continues to serve its surrounding communities in many traditional ways.

Today, though congested by modern urbanization and overwhelmed by exuberant modern activities, Chiang Mai’s historical sites and monuments are well safeguarded and serve as the host for many cultural events and festival celebrations.

From lantern-lighting during Loy Krathong, to water-fights at Songkran, the Flower Festivals and regular live music and cultural activities throughout the year.

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