This renowned establishment in the Nimmanhaemin area offers a variety of delectable Northern Thai dishes. The food here is delicious and caters to the palates of both locals and tourists. Despite its popularity, the prices remain reasonable, and the atmosphere of the restaurant is laid-back. It’s worth noting that the place is often packed with […]



A lovely café with captivating white tones, adorned in a charming and minimalistic style. The furniture consists of wooden pieces complemented by rattan elements. There’s a beautiful curved frog-shaped centerpiece and large folding glass windows. The atmosphere is cozy and relaxing, providing both indoor and outdoor seating options. They offer a menu of beverages and […]


European-style Café for all genders and ages, from children to adults, divided into 3 zones: Outdoor zone: A garden atmosphere with a children’s playground, perfect for little ones to unleash their energy. 1st-floor zone: Muji-style with a Kids Club room for parents who want to enjoy a meal while providing a play area for their […]