Welcome to your serene retreat amidst the vibrant tapestry of Thailand!

In our haven, you'll discover a curious blend of rustic charm and blissful comfort. As night descends into silence, our resident nightingale – a proud, feathered troubadour – heralds the break of dawn with a melody that’s as old as time. This rooster, our natural alarm clock, is not just a bird but a storyteller, singing tales of sunrise and the awakening earth.


While many find comfort in this authentic echo of countryside living, we understand that the symphony of nature might be an encore to your dreams. So, we present you with a little token – a pair of earplugs, crafted from the whispers of tranquility and the softness of a cloud's embrace.

To use

Simply unwrap this tender silence, mold it gently to the shape of your dreams, and allow its hushed lullaby to guide you through realms of uninterrupted slumber.

To not use

Should you decide to greet the first blush of dawn with open eyes and a heart yearning for adventure, allow those rooster's call to be your overture to a day filled with discovery.

Whether you choose to meet the morning with zest or snuggle deeper into your cocoon of quietude, we're here to ensure your journey with us is nothing less than perfect.


A Pro Tip

Those who embrace the rooster’s serenade often find that the day holds gifts for the early riser – a breathtaking sunrise,

a tranquil walk, or simply a moment of solitude with the waking world.